Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lee Min Ho is the richest character in Korean Drama

Guess who is the richest man in a TV series?

The November 11 episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News released rankings of rich characters on different TV series.
1) Lee Min Ho - Boys Over Flower
He played the role of a future president of a big company, which was worth around a quadrillion won.
2) Song Seung Hun is ranked number 2
He played the role of an official for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has over 2 trillion won in the series.
3)Cha In Pyo of Love in Your Arms ranked third. 
He played the role of a future president of the biggest department store in the series
4) Hyun Bin of Secret Garden ranked fourth. He played the role of a CEO of a department store, with a worth of around 500 billion won
5)Won Bin of Autumn in My Heart ranked fifth. He played the role of a rich man, who owns a resort in Gangwon-do. He has drawn a lot of attention with his line, “How much do you want?”

source: Tv Report

But in real life- Hyun Bin is leading as highest paid actor.
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