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Character in Shut Up,Flower Boys Band

Full of handsome guy...who are  they?

Lead vocal

Sung Joon as Kwon Ji-hyuk

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Ji-hyuk’s two years younger than Byung-hee, but knows him better than anyone. After three years of being in the band, his ears have sharpened and he’s able to pick out the other members’ mistakes…and the weaknesses in Byung-hee’s songs. It makes him want to step in and fix things. And then he and his buddies transfer to Jungsang High School, and that’s when things start to change.
He meets Byung-hee’s muse Su-ah through a chance encounter, and suddenly the stable world Ji-hyuk has known with his buddies starts to shake.

The new school is home to a band that becomes their rival, named Strawberry Fields, and is comprised of three perfect princes from shining backgrounds with strong technical music skills. The leader has a thing for Su-ah too, which, naturally, complicates matters. (cr:dramabeans)

L/Myung Soo, as Lee Hyun-soo

Guitarist of Eye Candy, known in their neighborhood as the Ice Prince. He used to be best friends with Ji-hyuk until Byung-hee came along, so now Hyun-soo feels like his best friend got stolen away from him. Everybody’s close within the band, but he can’t help but feel sad about losing that formerly tight relationship.

Hyun-soo has strong guitar skills, but onstage he’s overshadowed by Byung-hee and Ji-hyuk. He vows to himself to become number 1, someday, so he picks up his guitar and practices long into the night on his own. (cr:dramabeans)


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Lee Hyun-jae as Jang Do-il

Drummer Do-il is so taciturn that he won’t speak unless somebody speaks to him first. In fact, the others don’t know much about him, even though his mother operates a billiards hall that the boys use as their rehearsal space. He’s got an aura of mystery as a result.

Do-il doesn’t get caught up in fights, but there are rumors that once he raises his fists, he transforms into a beast. He hates violence, which ties back to his father. Nobody knows that but Ji-hyuk, who keeps his mouth shut for his friend’s sake, and Do-il is grateful… but on the other hand, there’s this girl he likes, who likes Ji-hyuk… (cr:dramabeans)


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Yoo Min-kyu as Kim Ha-jin

Ha-jin is the bassist, the Casanova. “If you ask why he’s into music, he’d answer, ‘To get girls!’” He may get mistaken for the young master in a rich family, but as it turns out he’s got six noonas with barely a bean to split amongst them. He can thank the bevy of sisters for his knowledge of girls, picking up tips and tricks… except that in front of the girl he really likes, he can’t make any use of them. Ha. (cr:dramabeans)

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PORORO BOYS-Kim Min-seok as Seo Kyung-jong

Kyung-jong is the keyboardist, the cutie of the group. But his personality differs from that baby face, and his number 1 goal in life is money. He’s from Busan, and in order to get away from the reputation of being Fish Boy (his parents have a fish store), he transfers to school in Seoul. His parents think Dongnae is the best school in the neighborhood, not realizing its reputation for being the Crap Tank, so Kyung-jong keeps that a secret from them, and ends up transferring to Jungsang. (cr:dramabeans)

the girl

Jo Boa as Su-ah

She attends Jungsang High and goes from princess to pauper overnight. Raised in a wealthy home, she suddenly has to figure out how to take care of herself, moving into a tiny rooftop room alone and taking on odd jobs that she’s clumsy at. She chooses to pull herself up by the bootstraps rather than whine (always a plus in my book), and because of her pride she keeps the news from her friends. Instead, she keeps a positive attitude and turns to the internet to figure out how to do things around the household.

Then there are the new boys who transfer to her school, like that Byung-hee guy (Lee Min-ki) who keeps calling her his “muse,” whom she just can’t figure out. On the other hand, there’s his friend Ji-hyuk (Sung Joon), whom she meets by chance on the neighboring rooftop. They start to share their secrets, as the attraction builds. But there’s also Strawberry Fields’ leader Seung-hoon, her schoolmate and other admirer. (cr:dramabeans)

Jung Eui-chul as Seung-hoon

seung-hoon’s all technique and precision, but truth be told, he lacks fire and he knows it. That’s part of his aggravation with the Eye Candy boys — he can see that their raw, charismatic performances have the power to move people, and that makes him uneasy since he lacks that. He’s a rich boy who feels stifled by his controlling parents, and part of his antagonism stems from insecurity. (cr:dramabeans)


Lee Min Ki as Byung-hee

Normally easy with the smiles and cheerfully innocent, if you mess with his temper he’ll transform into a crazy fighter. The only person who can get Byung-hee to calm down in this state is Ji-hyuk, his super-close best friend.

Byung-hee lives every day like it’s his last, doing whatever he wants, pouring his passion into his music, writing and composing songs. He prepares for a band competition in secret, looks for his muse, and finds it in a girl, Su-ah. (cr:dramabeans)

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